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1 SIL Vacancy in Claremont Tasmania


  • This location offers more than just peace and serenity.
    You’ll find a myriad of conveniences right at your fingertips. Nearby
  • Claremont Plaza stands as the local shopping centre offering multiple
  • services and retail options. For your healthcare needs, Doctors Surgeries
  • and Pharmacies are convenietly situated within reach.
  • Currently the house is occupied with 1 male participant, interests include Gaming, Cooking and events.



  • 5 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, Kitchen and 2 Living Areas
  • Internet
  • Heating and Cooling

Accomodation Options

  • McGill Rise has either 1:1 or 1:2 support ratio and we recognise the significance of
  • personalised assistance, and our residence is fully prepared to cater to your distinct
  • preferences. Whether you seek communal support or prefer a more individualised
  • approach, we are dedicated to providing each individual the support they require.

Contact Us

Phone – 6128 3363

Office – 1 Yamada Place, Mornington TAS

Website –

Email –

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