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About us

We firmly believe in our motto “From Caring, Comes Courage” and aim to go far together by supporting you in the ways you wish.


From Caring Comes Courage

We started TLC First Support Services to prioritise care for people with disabilities. Keeping our organisation small is something we prefer. It’s important for us and you to know each other.

Being a small organisation means we can provide a genuinely personalised service, taking the time to truly listen to how you want to live your life and what we can do to support you.


TLC First Support Services History

TLC First Support Services was founded by our directors Melanie and Kelly.  Collectively they have worked in the industry for well over 40 years.  It was during this time they experienced a variety of workplaces with varied degrees of success for both Participants and Staff.

Melanie and Kelly decided they wanted to provide a service where Participants are truly listened to and are in a partnership with all involved in their support.  A place where they can live their live how they want to.

Inspired by "From Caring Comes Courage", they laid the foundation of TLC First Support Services to care for and empower people with disabilities in their lives and their community.


TLC First Support Services Mission

Our Mission at TLC is to provide excellent support to our Participants in all areas of their lives.

Our focus is growing TLC First Support Services, while providing person-centred and directed support.

Our strong and trusting relationships are the foundation from which we ensure each Participant is provided with individually designed support plans that allow them to meet their life goals.

Our Values

We believe in empowering our participants and motivating them to develop, maintain an independent lifestyle and overcome any obstacles.

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Supporting our participants with kindness and compassion in all that we do.

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Our aim is to empower all participants to live a happy and independent life.

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Installing confidence in participants to believe in themselves and their abilities.

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Take Ownership of your actions, be responsible within your work and to our Participants, family/guardians, staff and stakeholders.  

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