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TLC at the 2024 Launceston Disability Expo

Written by Jake Cowen

June 12, 2024

We are thrilled to share our amazing experience at the Launceston Disability Expo 2024! As the Gold Sponsor of this year’s event, We believe we have made a memorable impact with our vibrant and engaging double booth. Our team members Kelly, Cindy, Callum, and Jake were present to engage with attendees, and we couldn’t have asked for a better turnout.

Throughout the Expo, we had the pleasure of meeting numerous disability providers, support workers, support coordinators, and potential participants. It was an incredible opportunity to network, share ideas, and learn more about the needs and aspirations of the attendees.

Our booth was full of color and life at the Expo, with our lovely backdrop showcasing our logo, services, and a cheerful greeting from our beloved TLC Teddy. We aimed to create a welcoming and eye-catching display, and it was wonderful to meet each and every one of you.

One of the highlights of the event was our TLC Teddy mascot, brought to life by Jake. Walking around the Expo in the TLC Teddy suit, Jake greeted attendees and posed for numerous photos. The sight of TLC Teddy brought smiles to many faces and became a cherished part of the Expo experience.

We took great pride in creating meaningful connections through our promotional items. Our colorful pens in orange, green, and navy blue were popular, as well as our lollies, stickers, and notepads. However, the star of our booth was undoubtedly our lovely TLC Teddy Bears. Attendees were delighted to receive their own TLC Teddy. We even have customized adoption certificates for the Teddys to be sent out via email or post to everyone who adopted a Teddy, which will be sent soon.

By the end of the event, it felt like we had connected with almost everyone at the Expo, as evidenced by the sight of TLC Teddy Bears everywhere we looked.

We had a fantastic time at the Launceston Disability Expo, and it was truly a memorable experience for TLC First Support Services. We are grateful for the chance to participate and sponsor such an important event. Our team had a wonderful time engaging with the attendees, and we look forward to continuing to provide exceptional support and services to our participants.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, interacted with TLC Teddy, and took home a piece of TLC with them. If you missed us at the Expo or have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help and support you.

See you next year!

Best regards,
The TLC First Support Services Team

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