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Creation of TLC Teddy!

Written by Jake Cowen

September 1, 2023

Our Adorable TLC Teddy was created when Melanie Cowen TLC First Support Sevices CEO Drew him up on a peice of A3 Paper, that was when we decided to make him into a real Teddy!

TLC Teddy was then Illustrated on the computer and made in 3D by Jake Cowen, TLC’s Brand Manager.

When TLC’s Finance Manager Vicki went on a trip to China she went to get TLC Teddy Made into a Teddy Bear!

We even Experimented with a TLC Teddy Key ring, prototyped out of Plasticine (TLC Teddy in the Snow).

And now we all get to se TLC Teddy Animated in 3D doing all sorts of Fun things! (:

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