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Community Centre

You can participate in a number of activities such as cooking, arts and crafts, gaming and photography at our community center on Howard Road, Goodwood. Come and meet our participants and form new friendships. We also conduct group outings.

Fostering Creativity

Adding Fun to Life!

Recreation and Leisure

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We are a local and experienced organisation striving to provide any disability support to enrich the lives of our participants and their families in Tasmania. We passionately believe in our motto, “From Caring Comes Courage”. Following our core values, we provide a range of support to help our participants learn basic life skills and live life to the fullest with their friends and family.


Create your Masterpiece!

Whether it is learning something new with our experienced staff or an art and craft project you have always enjoyed.

come have fun with your friends or make new ones!

We cant wait to meet you!

Woodworking & Recycled Art

Turn Ideas into Reality!

Learn how to use tools with the help of experienced staff. Build furniture or other useful objects while interacting with friends.
We can even help you use a computer to design complex pieces with Trimble Sketchup. We can also have fun up-cycling objects into works of art including furniture or other usable objects.

Its all up to the items we find and your imagination.

Cooking & Life Skills

Learn Useful Life Skills!

Whether you want to learn to cook easy day to day meals or learn how to make cake toppers and everything in between, we have great staff and friends to learn with.

Come and learn to plan, shop, create and bake, then enjoy your efforts with our great cooking programs.

In our Life Skills programs we have a variety of learning skills on offer, from meal preparation, gardening, laundry, money skills, getting from A to B and plenty of day to day living skills on offer. We can assist with getting you ready to become more independent and ready for what ever life throws your way.

Out And About

Explore your community!

Whether it is climbing to new heights, or relaxing at the cinema our out and about programs are full of fun and activities for you to enjoy.

Let’s get active with sporting activities, exploring the great outdoors including bush walks, cooking the occasional BBQ or heading out for a picnic. All whilst enjoying the company of your friends.

Ask us about our services

Please vist our contact page to ask us more about the services we offer and what they can do for you or someone you care about.
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